PCA's Joe Snyder, an expert on aging, retires - and finds applying for Medicare 'maddening'

After his childhood best friend Cecil Green Jr. died in May, Joe Snyder realized he was done working.

Green’s passing at age 62 occurred “even though he ate right and worked out all the time,” said Snyder, 66, and the decades-long director of Older Adult Protective Services at Philadelphia Corporation for Aging. “He was an uncle to my son. … We talked about everything, did everything together. I was sure he would eulogize me.”

“His death definitely prompted me to retire,”  said Snyder, a Bristol, Pa. native.

Now, Snyder, who retired officially at year-end 2017, took on his next challenge as a retiree — applying for Medicare.

“Even as an expert on aging, I can’t believe how complicated this is,” said Snyder, whose former employer, the PCA, advocates for seniors in Greater Philadelphia.

...Separately, he said, he will be succeeded by Jennifer Spoeri, his assistant director. “I’m leaving this job – but not my career,” Snyder added. “I’ll still be running the Philadelphia Financial Exploitation Task Force through 2018 and doing expert consulting.”

This article was originally published on Philly.com.